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Arkansas Better Chance Pre-K

The Arkansas Better Chance program was created in 1991 to offer high quality early education services to children birth to 5 exhibiting developmental and socioeconomic risk factors. In 2003, Arkansas General Assembly, made a commitment to expand the early childhood education funding to serve low to moderate income three and four year children with high quality Pre-K services. This expansions known as the Arkansas Better Chance for School Success(ASCSS), has become the states Pre-K program. 

ABCSS operates as a grant program in partners with the Department of Education. The Arkansas Department of Human Services along with the Department of Education have identified six-key areas that all ABCSS programs must adhere to in order to fullfill this commitment of high qualityPre-K:

1. Low child to teacher ratio

2.Developmental screeningand child assmentment

3.Well qualitfied Staff

4.Proven Curricula and learning processes

5.Professional Development

6.Parent and Community engagement 

Helping Hand made the commiment in 2003 to become a ABCSS provider. We have invested in our staff and learning materials, in order to provide the high quaility education that the State of Arkansas has identified as esstential for learning expereices for children.