Helping Hands Preschool
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FOR 2018/2019


Preschool Teacher

All of the staff of the Arkansas Better Chance for School Success Program holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, a goal that Helping Hand takes pride in providing for the learning experiences for your child.

Lead Teachers, Ms. Dana and Ms. LaRhonda, have completed the extensive training in  High Scope and Consicous Discipline Curriculum. They bring over 25 years of knowledge to our program and continue to obtain training along with the additional classroom staff.

In collaboration with Arkansas State University Early Childhood Department, Helping Hand Preschool  acts as a training site for other programs wishing to implement the High Scope Curriculum. Programs come to our site to see the implementation of  High Scope and talk to the teachers about the High Scope curriculum. Because High Scope is based on the interest and needs of children, it meets our goal of providing meaningful learning experiences for children. Our commitment to High Scope is driven by our knowledge in how children  development.